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Just for fun July 10, 2008

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Can You Prove That You Have 11 Fingers?

For this “trick” you need only your hands.

Tell your students that you have 11 fingers, and you can prove it!

Using your right forefinger to point with, touch each finger of your left hand, counting “1, 2, 3, 4, 5”. Then with your left forefinger count the fingers on your right hand, “6, 7, 8, 9, 10”.

Say “Funny, I know I had 11! Let´s try again”. This time count backwards, pointing to the fingers of the left hand say “10, 9, 8, 7, 6 …”. Then stop. hold up the right hand and say “Plus 5 equals 11!!” Do this quickly, without pausing!

The Island of Coins trick!

You will need 1 glass, a matchbook, six coins and an ashtray with water.

Bet your students that you can get the water out of the ashtray using only the ingredients mentioned and without moving or tilting the ashtray.

Make sure ashtray is filled with at most a quarter inch of water. Stack the coins in the center of the ashtray so the top two coins are above the water. Place four unlit matches on top of the coins. Light the matches and immediately cover the flame and coins with the glass. The water will be drawn into the glass.

Mind Reading Magic~

How many fingers am I holding behind my back? What number am I picturing in my head? To ”mind read” your students and astound them with it, use this simple trick. You need a deck of cards, but you have to put the four sixes on top of it before the trick. When you start your performance, put the first four cards in a pile on the table, faced down (these are the sixes), then put the next six cards on another pile next to it in the same way. Tell your student that you will read his mind and see which pile he will choose. Then write on a piece of paper ”you chose the six pile”. Tell him to pick a pile and show him the note (or ask someone else to read it). You will be right which ever pile he picked, because he could either choose the pile with the sixes in it or the pile with the six (random) cards.

Have a try and enjoy!


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