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Portfolios May 14, 2008

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Portfolios can be accessed and read by anyone. Thus, this motivates them to produce high-quality work and lets them compare their work with that of pupils from other classes or schools. In the portfolio, the pupils may include:

  • Work samples or other worksheet type activities that reflect learning in the classroom.
  • The list of their vocabulary that they know (traditionally known also as word bank).
  • Photos of things pupils have made or activities they are involved in inside the class or outside class with a written description to accompany it.
  • Write about special experience of what they did with the teacher.

Example for Science, under the topic living and non living things, the pupils may collect different things and categorize them under non living or living things. Choose their own special paintings and ask them to describe why they chose it. Videos that they made by themselves related to their subjects. Audio recordings of educational songs (maybe they made their own song lyrics). Share to the class the links to useful website that they surfed.

Another example is practising healthy habits. Ask the pupils to keep log of their daily cleaning for examples; how many times they brush their teeth, take shower, wash hands and so on and provide with a little description.

What about your opinions? I would appreciate if you want to share. Have a good day!


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