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Science Lesson Development April 25, 2008

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Science Primary 4

Topic: Energy and forces.

Sub-topic: Sources of heat (sun, burning, electricity machines, mechanical machine and friction).

Goal: The pupils will know that heat is the form of energy and the Sun is not the only source of heat.

Learning objectives: At the end of the lesson, the pupils will be able to;

1) State at least 3 sources of heat.

2) Explain differences between at least 4 different types of sources of heat.

3) List down 4 eletrical machines that produce heat.

4) Describe at least 5 uses of heat.


1) For demonstration and experiment;

2) For burning – candle and matches.

3) For electricity – iron or hairdryer.

4) Friction – hands and eraser.

5) For closure;

A video from titled ‘what is heat?’ and a song (heat song).

6) For introduction;

A song (the sunshine song).

Hook aka induction: I will do several actions, for example dragging a chair, running, hitting and so on. Then, I will ask the pupils what I need in order to be able to do these actions. I will tell them that we cannot use our feet to power our cars like in The Flintstones. The pupils will guess the answer on how do cars move around? It is energy!

The concept: There are 5 sources of heat; Sun: Sing a song (sunshine song) – I will sing first then the pupils sing along. I will ask questions about the song and relate to the uses of sun. The pupils will suggest ideas of the uses of sun in their daily life.

Burning: By demonstration – Burning a paper and relate that burning produces heat. By then, the pupils will realize that the sun is not the only source of heat.

Electricity: By acting – I will act feeling very cold and ask the pupils what I should do. The pupils will suggest some answers. I will switch on a hair dryer to warm up my body and ask what is needed to switch on the hair dryer (electricity). I will ask the pupils to feel the warm air from the hair dryer. The pupils will relate that electricity produces heat.

Electrical machines: Showing pictures and demonstration – I will show some pictures of electrical machines and the pupils will be asked to give some more examples. I will demonstrate with an iron. I will ask the pupils to feel a slightly wet towel. After I iron the towel, after a few seconds I will ask the pupils to feel the towel. The pupils may conclude that electric machine produces heat.

Friction: Rubbing hands together – I will ask the pupils to rub hands together and compare what they feel before and after rubbing hands together. The pupils will become conscious that friction also produces heat.

For more, click here.

For the Lesson PowerPoint, click here.


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