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Primary 5 Science – Infectious Diseases Lesson November 11, 2007

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On the 22nd September 2007, I and a dear friend did a teaching on ‘infectious diseases’ for Primary 5 Science at the Sekolah Rendah Mabohai using ICT.



We did a recap lesson on this topic. We used powerpoint slides throughout the lesson. The lesson was divided into two parts. The first and second part were done by me and then my friend.



It started with an induction of a video clip. Another video clip was also used in part two. At the end of the lesson, we did an oral questioning and a written exercise. Later, those who finished early could play an online game linked to the lesson itself.


Overall, the students enjoyed the lesson. The observing teachers gave positive feedback. Please click here for the assessment.


We would like to thank the headmistress, the teachers and students involved.

Yours sincerely,

Salziyanti Hj Mohd. Ya’akub, 07B0609

Mohammad Hamdani Mustapa, 07B0629

B.A Primary Education

University Brunei Darussalam


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