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Your rough guide to Recreational Mathematics – fun Maths!! November 9, 2007

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What is Recreational Mathematics?

Recreational mathematics can be divided into two main topics: games and puzzles. These are important in learning Mathematics. Children in nature love games and puzzles. These can make Mathematics learning fun and interesting!

Knot A Braid of Links a reference in projective geometry (recognised by the Encyclopeadia Britannica)

POP Mathematicsdid you ever wonder what made your teacher get so excited about some topic in Mathematics?

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and PuzzlesMathematics topics accompanied by Java illustrations

Mathematics Competitions many maths problems

Mathematical Games and RecreationsMathematical puzzles vary from the simple to deep problems which are still unsolved

Maths Joke Collection 1 and Maths Joke Collection 2 humour in Mathematics

The Diamond 16 Puzzle patterns manipulatives brain games, puzzles and pastimes

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzleslogic is a part of Mathematics

MathPages from Mathematics history to number theory

Prime Pages prime resources

Geometry Junkyardstuff related to discrete and computational geometry

Combinatorial Game Theory
studies on strategies and mathematics of two-player games of perfect knowledge such as chess

MathMagicweb site devoted to original Mathematical recreations

Nick’s Mathematical Puzzles range over geometry, probability, number theory, algebra, calculus, trigonometry and logic

Ponder Thisseems some of us can’t see a problem without wanting to take a crack at solving it, does that sound like you?

World of Words & Numbersoriginal diversions in mathematics and word play

The Bogglerstories behind the puzzles

Fibonacci Numbersfibonacci numbers the golden section and the golden string together with their many applications

Mark Woodard Mathematical quotations

Mathematicians of the Day lists mathematicians who were born or died on each day, with quotations and posters

Mudd Math Fun Facts ideas and puzzles that will change the way you think

Alexandre Stefanovfree mathematical textbooks

Mathematical Association resources, competitions, enrichment, special needs, revision, technology and many more

Problem Competition – suitable for different age groups and could be useful as a source of ideas for investigations

Puzzles with polyhedra and numbers – polyhedron puzzles

Totally Tessellated – devoted to tessellations of images, history, principles and methods for designing them

Recreational Maths Weblinksa mix of everything on recreational Mathematics


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